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FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING – USA, Canada and Australia. DHL 2-3 Day Fast Shipping

The following destinations will be charged for shipping fee:

* 40.00 -55.00 dlls +

Africa, South and Central America, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If for any reason shipping company tell us there is no shipping cost or shipping is lower then we will modify total accordingly.

It has been taking around 14 to 21 days for the tracking number to be updated and for the shipment to find an outbound flight.  
Shipping replica-affiliated items (at least safely through customs) is a completely different process than shipping everyday items. Sites that ship incredibly fast or guarantee super fast shipping have incredibly high seizure rates at customs, in which case they’d either just leave you at a loss or charge you again for a reshipment. 
Even though we have the lowest seizure rates on the market, we protect our clients with a reshipment free of charge in the event of a seizure; our estimated time frame of around 3 weeks is also considering that we provide Express shipping free of charge (to the states, Canada, and Australia), which costs us approximately $90 USD in and of itself. 
You will be notified if an item is back ordered or you may email or call us to check on stock for a certain item.

If we do not have an item you wish please contact us so that we can check availability since we have many more items not listed on website.

Your replica handbags will be sent by courier to your door. You will receive an email with your shipping tracking number. With this tracking number you can track the progress of your handbag. Please make sure you enter the correct shipping address and contact number. We are not responsible for reshipment if you provided us with an incorrect address. We are not responsible for any import tax charged on your package. Delivery is guaranteed. In the event that your package is lost or seized we will reship at our expense.