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Refund & Returns Policy

Our Guarantee

We stand by our products. Our quality, as well as our craftsmanship, are the highest quality you’ll find, and we guarantee the value of our products — our 25+ year legacy stands by it.

If you receive a product with a manufacturing defect, or it’s simply the wrong item, you’re entitled to a refund/exchange. In order to expedite the process, contact us within 14 days of receiving your item. Ideally, though, contact us as soon as you receive the item.

What constitutes a manufacturing defect?

A significant deviation from the original item’s quality/specifications. In a nutshell, a deviation that is not in the nature of man-made products.

For instance, you purchase a handbag with the following advertised dimensions (which we take from the designer’s website): 9 x 12 x 6 inches (width x length x height). If you receive that item and it’s between 11-13 inches long, rather than exactly 12, that is normal. Why? Because that is in the nature of manufacturing — that’s why designers provide dimensions as approximations, rather than as exact measurements. 

All large-scale manufacturers (designer manufacturers included) craft items in batches. What that means is that every single batch (even if they’re for the same model) will vary in the amount of leather, hardware, dye, and any material used in the crafting process. Inherently, each product will be slightly different, whether it’s a replica product or an authentic item. And that, as well as a slightly different color tone, is not what makes a product defective — it’s simply in the nature of manufacturing. After all, what makes designer items appealing is that they’re luxury, handmade products made for you, and each one has some of its own flair. These are not defects.

Now, receiving a non-functional item right off the bat, or one that’s very off, is a defect and you’re covered.

What are the steps?

Kindly fill out the form below. Once we receive your request, we’ll touch base as soon as possible, ask for some pictures, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Any retailer, let alone if they can’t see the item in person, will require pictures of the issue.